HollaBear - Cute & Playful Kids Font
August 5, 2020

HollaBear - Cute & Playful Kids Font

A cute & funny kid-friendly typeface inspired from bears and handmade with passion and joy! Will you believe if we say, HollaBear is made by bear cubs :)

The typeface is essentially simple but very uniquely expressive when it comes to the design of posters, flyers, cartoons graphics, logotype, web and display usage. Please see the examples shown above to get an idea about the capability of this typeface.

HollaBear comes with Extended Latin character sets including Western European, Central European and South Eastern European character sets.

The typeface comes with single weight but 6 variants (Regular, Italic, Outline, Outline Italic, 3D and 3D Italic). The pack contains OTF, TTF as Desktop fonts and optional Web Fonts (all EOT, SVG, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2 formats included) as licensing choice.


Also available on CreativeMarket and MyFonts